Welcome to wow.gl Logistics

We are a sole proprietorship, specialising in arranging logistical services throughout Greenland. A professional 'fixer' service, if you will.

What we can provide

We can arrange personnel and equipment transport, by boat, aircraft or, to the extent that this is possible in Greenland, by road. We can source skilled and unskilled labour including construction, camp management, cook, nursing and technical personnel. We can arrange accommodation, both through boat-charter and by provision of field camps. We can provide networking services, connecting our clients with experts domestically, and internationally, in the sciences, policy and government. We can facilitate permitting, as required.

You need it, and we can assist you in finding it.

Company basics

  • Long Greenland pedigree since 1993
  • Engaged in projects all over Greenland, including Inglefield Land and Qaanaaq, Ittoqqortoormiit and the East Greenland National Park, Tasiilaq and Kulusuq and the full extent of the west coast from Uummannaq to Narsarsuaq
  • Greenland-based company with offices in Nuuk

Core skills

  • Registered Professional Geoscientist
  • Professional Ship's Master (to 12 passengers, 15 m, 750 kW)
  • Experienced and certified firearms handling and polar bear protection
  • Professional rigging, static and elastic rope handling

Past projects

  • Project management for: Alba Mineral Resources PLC, Avannaa Resources Ltd., The De Beers Group of Companies, Greenfields Exploration, Nuna Minerals A/S
  • Camp construction clients include: Denmark and Greenland Geological Survey, Hudson Resources Inc. and Nuna Minerals A/S
  • Professional guiding clients include: Oceanwide Expeditions
  • Professional rigging clients include: Mila Productions
  • Helicopter contracting to the Discovery Channel, National Geographic and James Balog

Contact us at: m AT wow DOT gl